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  • book exchange mobile app

The book exchange web app as well as book exchange mobile app is a platform which facilitates school / college students to exchange their used books. Book exchange app can also be used as only textbook exchange app/textbook sharing app which can be useful for school students. The portal would have the following features.


  1. Roles
    1. Users
    2. Admin
  2. Users
    1. Users can register on the platform using Social Media networks like Twitter / Facebook.
    2. Users can build their profile and add details like Name, College, Subjects, Interests.
    3. Users can upload the details of books they would like to exchange.
      1. Name
      2. Authors
      3. Edition
      4. Cover Image
      5. Condition (Almost New, Noticeably Used, The pages are holding together)
  3. Admin
    1. User Management
    2. Books Management
    3. Ads Management

How it works

  1. Students can register on the portal and add details of the books they have and want to exchange.
  2. Students can also add details of the books they want in exchange.
  3. The student profile would have details of books they have and also of those they want.
  4. Students can search for books added by others.
  5. Students can click on the “Exchange” button to initiate a conversation with the owner of the book.
  6. The rest of the process is carried out outside the system.
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