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  • carpooling web application

This is a web app for carpooling as well as carpooling mobile app for iPhone & Android for a closed group of people. The carpooling web application would have features for easy collaboration for carpooling.


  1. Users should be able to register on the web application or best carpool mobile app and invite friends, neighbors and family to register.
  2. Users should be able to form groups for carpooling depending on the destinations. For example, users should be able to create groups for School, Office, Events etc.
  3. Each user would have his / her own group to which they can invite others.
  4. One user can be in multiple groups.
  5. Users should be able to deposit money to their accounts.
  6. The user offering the carpool would decide the “price per seat”.
  7. Users can also request a carpool where they can put in the pickup and destination locations along with date and time.

How does it work

  1. Users should be able to register using Twitter, Facebook, G+ or email.
  2. Any user can raise a carpool offer or a request in the group.
  3. Other users can participate in the carpooling web application offer or request.
  4. In case of an offer, the user is offering to drive.
  5. In case of a request, the user is looking for someone else to drive.
  6. A request / offer would have a date and time associated with it.
  7. In case of an offer, it would also have “number of passengers”
  8. A user can accept a carpooling request and add “number of passengers”
  9. To raise a carpool request, there has to be a minimum balance in the account.
  10. Money is not required to raise a carpool offer.
  11. The person accepting a carpool offer should have money in his account.
  12. Money is deducted from the account after the trip.

Technology Stack

  1. Development: Ruby on Rails
  2. JavaScript Framework: AngularJS
  3. SMS: Twilio
  4. Hosting: Amazon Web Services
  5. Data Storage: Amazon S3
  6. Application Monitoring: New Relic
  7. Mail Server: SendMail
  8. Cache: REDIS
  9. Mobile Application: Android and iOS
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