Rent a Garage App

  • garage rental application

The garage rental application allows people to rent the unused storage space in their garage and basement to others in the community. Even the functionality of rent a garage mobile app is very reliable.


  1. Garage Owners should be able to register using any of the social media networks like Twitter, Facebook or G+. Users can also register using email.
  2. Garage Owners should be able to post details of the space available for storage. This would include the
    1. Following
    2. Location of the space: garage or basement.
    3. Area of the available space. This is an approximate number.
    4. Pictures of the space for rent.
    5. Contact details
    6. Charges
    7. Address
  3. Users should be able to search for available space based on a number of parameters including address, charges, area etc.
  4. Users should be able to send a meeting request to the Garage Owner with details of what would he like to store in the available space.
  5. Listings would expire every 7 days.

Platform Available

  1. Rent a Garage Mobile app Android
  2. Rent a Garage Mobile app iOS

Premium Services

  1. Space owners can choose the premium service to improve the visibility of their listing.
  2. Premium spaces are displayed on top of the search listing.
  3. It would also be possible to add more pictures for premium listings.
  4. Premium listings would expire after 30 days.

Technology Stack

  1. Development: Ruby on Rails
  2. JavaScript Framework: AngularJS
  3. Hosting: Amazon Web Services
  4. Data Storage: Amazon S3
  5. Application Monitoring: New Relic
  6. Mail Server: SendMail
  7. Cache: REDIS
  8. Mobile Application: Android and iOS
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